Dyslexic Experiences 2003 & 2010

We have been filming the progress of 8 people, with dyslexia, that we've worked with since 2003. The recorded experiences were documented by the artist Mike Juggins, who curated the film and titled the project; Dyslexia Perceptions and Experiences. We hope that in presenting these real life experiences of dyslexia from 8 people we've worked with, that it will offer viewers to our site a glimmer of an insight to someone else's experience of dyslexia; in turn this may help you to understand what dyslexia is, and how we can help.

You can follow the progress of people we've worked with by viewing the first set of dyslexia experiences, which were filmed in 2003 where we recorded initial responses to experiences of their dyslexia. '7 years later' filming took place in 2010 documents the progress and changes of our 8 colleagues lives.

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Case Studies from 2003 Case Studies from 2010 Other Videos